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The Boston & Vermont Brevet Series

The Boston & Vermont Brevets are series of long distance cycling events which are also training and qualifying rides for other randonneuring events such as Paris-Brest-Paris (August 2011 near Paris, France). This web site contains all the information about these rides and a downloadable registration form. Contact NER President Tracey Ingle at "tracey 'at' bostonbrevets 'period' com" with questions. 

General Information

New Vermont Brevets for 2010!

If you're new to Randonneuring, check out our comprehensive page of Question & Answers.

Here's a bunch of detail information (directions to the starts, preregistration requirements, etc). All rides average about 3000 feet of climbing for each 100 kilometers.

Current cue sheets are available at the start of every ride. Should you choose to ride a brevet using an old or preliminary cue sheet and wind up off course as a result, don't blame us!

2010 Boston Series

All Boston rides start and end at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA.

Routes are subject to change, but we're tentatively planning to use the same Boston routes used in 2009. Preliminary cue sheets for the 2010 series are posted below; final versions will be posted once they're available, usually the week of the event. Preliminary cue sheets are subject to change without notice.

Length (approx.) Start Pre Registration
km mi date time Time limit Lights? NER Member Non- Member Route Destination Register
107 62 4/17 08:00 7h optional $5 $10 #429MA Sterling, MA Register Online
200 125 5/1 07:00 13h30m optional $20 $25 #196MA New Boston, NH Register Online
300 190 5/15 04:00 20h required $25 $30 #206MA Voluntown, CT Register Online
360 225 5/21 You Choose 24h required New for 2010, the Boston Fleche! Click Here for more info about this fun team event.
400 250 6/5 04:00 27h required $30 $35 #510MA Meredith, NH Register Online
600 375 7/10 04:00 40h required $45 $50 #231MA Bennington, VT Register Online
350 220 8/7 04:00 23h20m required $25 $30 #509MA Westfield, MA PDF

The Boston series include the following: 

  • Detailed cue sheets
  • Entry fee includes water, fruit, cookies, etc., at all checkpoints. (All Checkpoints staffed by NER Volunteers.)
  • Bag transport to some checkpoints for the 400k & 600k
  • Shower, hot dinner, hot breakfast, and swimming pool on the 600k

2010 Vermont Series

Vermont rides start at Old Spokes Home in Burlington, VT.

Information (Cue Sheets, descriptions, etc) for Vermont rides is currently posted on a separate website run by the VT Ride Leader, Mike Beganyi. Click the info links before for lots of details, photos, etc.

Length (approx.) Start Pre Registration
km mi date time Time limit Lights? NER Member Non-Member Information Route Register
100 62 6/13 07:00 8h optional $5 $10 Ride Info #916VT Register Online
200 125 7/24 05:00 13h30m optional $20 $25 Ride Info #931VT Register Online
300 190 7/24 05:00 20h Required $25 $30 Ride Info #932VT Register Online
200 125 9/25 06:00 13h30m optional $20 $25 Ride Info 200k Register Online
114 70 9/25 06:00 7h30m optional $5 $10 Ride Info 114k Register Online

Vermont Riders should note the following: 

  • Not all controls are staffed, though all should have food options and restrooms.
  • Some ferry crossings will need to be paid for by riders. These crossing are on route and represent controls.
  • Complimentary coffee and restrooms at Burlington start.
  • Check the links above for more information about these rides.

GPS Route Files


GPS files posted on this site have NOT been created, verified, or even opened by the ride organizers! They are being provided here as a courtesy to aid riders programming their own GPS units and are not an official route publication. Deviating from the printed cue sheet distributed at the start of the ride is grounds for disqualification, even when following a GPS route downloaded from this site.

If you find these files helpful, be sure to thank the GPS file creator. If you've created a GPS file you'd like posted, please email it to the webmaster.

All riders are encouraged to join the NER Google Group and Mailing List to learn about last minute route changes and to discuss mapping, GPS files, ride tips, etc.

2010 Registations & Results

The results for the 2010 NER Brevet Season are up.

There is sometimes a long delay between an event and the public posting of the results. Please contact the RBA (Tracey Ingle - tracey -at- directly if you need results not yet posted here for an award application.

Registration Form

Download the Registation Form (PDF) and mail it in to avoid paying the online registation fees.
Forms must be received at least one week prior to ride for preregistration.

Click here for information about the New England Randonneurs, Inc. including membership details.

Save Time! We'll ask all rides to fill out and sign the day-of-event form at the start of every event. If you'd like to save time at the registation table, download it now and bring it to the start signed.


Want to expand and extend your brevet season? Looking for more route choices? Want to ride within days of deciding on it? Interested in riding new routes? Going for a distance award? Want to own and organize a Permanent?

We now have a page of detailed information about Permanents -- Brevet length rides which the rider chooses the start date and time.


Thanks to Melinda Lyon, New England Randonneurs Jerseys are still available in natural (wool) fabric. Men's, women's, long sleeve, and short sleeve available in most sizes. Synthetic jerseys are gone!

Additional Events

Bruce will be hosting a Charles River Wheelmen ride in mid-February, starting at the Framingham town green, with options of 20 and 35 miles; non-members are welcome, and there will be a post-ride party afterward.

Other domestic events may be located using the Randonneurs USA website.


Click here for results back to 1993 and cue sheets back to 1995.


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